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Jerry Hertaus for Minnesota State Representative 33A
  Jerry Hertaus
State Representative
House District 33A
Minnesota State Legislature

2014 Legislative Scores

It has been an honor and a privilege to have served as your State Representative during the past two years. I am proud to have received the following endorsements from organizations that reflect the values and opinions of a significant majority of constituents in our district. In addition to the endorsements below, you will find links to legislative scorecards on important legislation that came before the legislature this last year.

The content in the links below not only record votes of all House members, but gives a brief synopsis of the legislation before us and the organizations positions about each bill scored. Our own state constitution states that legislation shall embrace only one subject, but so shall be the case, many Omnibus bills reach far beyond a single subject and are filled with wasteful spending which makes them as a whole, indefensible. Individual provisions within Omnibus legislation deserve a vote up or down on their own merit rather than being forced to approve a big snowball piece of legislation. Taxpayers deserve more accountability than passing spending bills in such a manner. - Rep. Jerry Hertaus

Honoree Legislative Scorecards

91% Legislative Evaluation Assembly http://www.mnlea.org/
100% Minnesota Taxpayers League http://www.taxpayersleague.org/
93% Liberty Minnesota http://www.libertyminnesota.com/
100% Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life http://www.mccl.org/how-they-voted.html
100% Minnesota Family Council http://www.mfc.org/scorecard/


Minnesota Family Institute (MFI) is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan organization that cannot and does not endorse candidates. Our campaign apologizes for having incorrectly listed MFI as an endorsement. Minnesota Family Council (MFC), a 501(c)(4) organization, identified Jerry Hertaus as a champion of the family because of his 100% pro-family rating on their most recent legislative scorecard.

  • Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life State PAC
  • Minnesota Farm Bureau PAC
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses
  • Long Term Care Providers
  • Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Leadership PAC
  • Minnesota Gun Owners GOCRA
  • National Rifle Association
  • Minnesota Republican Liberty Caucus
  • Liberty Minnesota
  • Minnesota Association of Realtors PAC
  • Builders Association of the Twin Cities BATC

Jerry has been a lifetime resident of the Twin Cities Metropolitan area and has resided in Greenfield for the past thirteen years.

As your Representative, I will not support any legislation that is in conflict with the authority granted by either the Minnesota State Constitution or the United States Constitution.

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