It is a great disappointment to witness the ever increasing inability to solve the many problems facing Minnesota. Over the past many decades, the growth of government as measured in dollars in Minnesota has more than tripled that of the consumer price index (CPI) as adjusted for inflation. More than 40 years of gradual and onerous growth in state government has brought us to unsustainable levels of funding requirements which the private sector economy cannot any longer afford. Minnesota ranks near the bottom of the 50 states at 45th, least competitive place to do business. We should be encouraging business growth, start-ups and risk taking to generate the jobs and opportunities for its citizens.

Every productive tax-paying Minnesota household knows that as government grows, it demands more of their income, jeopardizes their future ability to provide for themselves and threatens their security by reducing savings for future needs, including their children’s and for a comfortable retirement.

Experienced and principled leadership is born from the private sector by having firsthand knowledge of the challenges of balancing budgets, writing paychecks, paying operating expenses and regulatory costs, while creating a market and customer base resulting in jobs and employment opportunities that provides the earnings and profits which ultimately generates tax revenues.

With your support, I am ready to continue bringing experienced and principled leadership to St. Paul acquired during my many decades as entrepreneur, business owner and employer.

Jerry Hertaus